It was my first kundalini class and when I left, I was floating on air. I found Janet’s instructions to be clear and concise and her love for the practice is obvious.
— Eric Love, Yoga Teacher, Yoga Center Amherst
I deeply appreciate Janet, her teaching, and her generous spirit. I love the mantra work!
— Joanne

White Barn Studio

Upcoming: October 13, 20, 27 and November 3 - 9:30 am to 11:00 am.

Where: White Barn Studio located 20 Dickinson Street, off Main Street, across from the Emily Dickinson museum in downtown Amherst.

Click here to register/pay or pay at studio — drop-ins welcome.

About: Kundalini Yoga helps find an inner calm in a chaotic world. It can support anxiety, depression, fear or loneliness. It supports turning a page or managing the complexity of life. Over time, it aids in relaxation and accepting the natural flow of life - it enhances intuition and inner peace.

Each class features a specific kriya - a sequence of postures, positions, movements, exercises and breathing. There are kriyas for opening the heart center chakra, strengthening the nervous system, stress reduction and for the “go get ‘em” spirit, to name a few. The kriya is followed by meditation and an 11-minute mantra - chanting to sacred music. The impact is energetic, physical, emotional and spiritual. The power of sound is instrumental in clearing the mind and connecting with a higher energetic frequency. There are mantras for empowerment, surrounding oneself in a protective aura, healing and transformation. I love selecting beautiful music and mantra for our combined voices.

Come as you are, with whatever is going on in your life — for breathing, bending, twisting, stretching, meditating and chanting to joyful, uplifting music. The beauty of the science of Kundalini is you don’t have to understand why it works - just know that it does. It’s a commitment to one’s self.

About White Barn Studio: Large windows face south and east and the expansive space has heated maple floors. Click here to see the exterior and calming, light interior. Bring a mat, blanket and a pillow or meditation cushion. I’ll bring extras if needed. Parking and bike rack available. If lot is full, park at the Red Barn which is beyond Dickinson Street and then enter from back.

About Kundalini Yoga

I've always exercised, but after some big life changes, I needed something more. My pain took root in my mind, body and spirit - at the cellular level.  So in my 50s, I tried out yoga.  I wasn't a yoga person!  After attending a variety of classes, it was a Kundalini class that brought me a sense of calm -- a quiet peacefulness that I wanted in my life.  I started participating regularly under SiriNam Khalsa at Yoga Center Amherst. It was then that I started a daily practice (sadhana) and my discipline was established.  Over the months, I felt my energy flow, my body release held-in emotion. I cried, I breathed, grew stronger and started feeling healthier.  I started to recognize a part of me that was deep within.  Quiet.  Loving. Forgiven. Forgiving.  Happy. 

In May 2018, I received my Level One Kundalini Yoga teacher certification through the Baba Siri Chand Ashram in Millis, MA.  My goal is to share the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and create a sacred, safe space, using the teachings, for health and healing.   

Kundalini yoga has transformed my life -it helps me float up and see the big picture in a chaotic world.  It improves energy flow through asana (postures and positions), pranayama - (control of breath), meditation and mantras - (chanting).  The combination results in physical strength, calmness, self acceptance and an increasing trust in the flow of life.  It's a commitment to one's self - one's spirit.  And when I'm thrown out of balance, Yoga restores me back to my center - strong, relaxed and at peace.  

My yoga spiritual name is Deg Ajeet Kaur, the sacred Princess/Lioness of God who overcomes every obstacle by embodying graciousness, hospitality and kindness in the world.  

Phone: 413/230-6946 or