Welcome to Rosehip26

When I bought my Amherst, MA fixer-upper and moved in 2015 – I was ending a chapter of my life and starting anew – turning a page.  I set out to create my notion of a healing home.  The gray house with the yellow door is small, simple, and calming with quiet spaces for relaxation, creativity and peace --  with my water-photographs, artifacts, reading nooks and natural light.  With porches, flowers and butterflies in the summer.   I work out of a home-office on health care environmental stewardship, and started renting rooms through Airbnb.  In 2017, I kicked off a side offering of Reiki and Integrative Body Work.  It took a few comments from Airbnb visitors to realize that my idea of a healing space felt calm and peaceful for them, as well and that visitors were curious about Reiki.  I like that idea.  A space for rest.  

I decided that all of these things combined wanted a name - a name that could hold what is now and what could be -- Rosehip26.   I've always liked the word Rosehip.  I love the smell of Rosehip flowers, the colors, the bees buzzing, the sound of the word, the shape and 26 is my address - a number that represents abundance.  Rosehip26.

Five years ago, I started practicing Reiki as a hospice volunteer at the Fisher Home and in 2014 became a Reiki master under Haleya Priest from Sanctuary Healing Arts.  Reiki supports relaxation, pain reduction, a sense of calm and can benefit anyone – regardless of age - including children and teens with sensitive spirits.   I continue to take other classes from Sanctuary Healing Arts, always wanting to learn more.   I'm currently in Kundalini Yoga Teacher training at an Ashram in Massachusetts, where I travel monthly.  I'm studying, writing, reading and practicing every day. 

Over Thanksgiving Holiday I was making pies from a dessert cookbook I made a few years ago – and I read the introduction that I wrote back in 2011. 

Pie is a simple offering in a complex world.

I’m a messy, imprecise cook and I like it that way.

The cake may be lopsided or the pie patched,

But its imperfection makes it real – not manufactured – hand made.

I was writing about pie – but upon reflection, I now realize I was also writing about myself and of people I admire and people I want to know.   I used to feel burdened by my imperfections – my mistakes -- my pain -- my shoulders sore, my brow worried.  I was weighted by stones in my pockets.  But over time, I’ve dropped those stones one by one.   They sit by streams, under a fern and on a window sill.   I still have one or two in my pocket and in my palm - for comfort.  To hold onto.

For anyone turning a page, consider a Reiki visit  to feel its benefits -- to complement your health routine. Follow us (my cats, stones, artifacts and me) on Instagram at Rosehip26 and help spread the word by liking Rosehip26 on Facebook.  Thank you for visiting my website.  Janet Howard