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Rosehip26 is located in downtown Amherst, Massachusetts.

Janet Howard created a healing space in downtown Amherst, MA where she offers Air BnB, Kundalini Yoga and Reiki.  Janet  purchased, renovated and moved into her home in January 2015. The home was first owned by Irish immigrants of modest means in the 1860's. In an Akashic Record review of the home, Susan Laforte  saw the home like a cat with its paws curled underneath - resting comfortably on the land, the indoors connected to the outside.  She describes....

Janet’s home was built many years ago as a container for a new life. A place to land after a tough voyage to a sweet calm. The renovations “whooshed’ it to a fuller flower - a renewed and refreshed sense of purpose and a re-setting as a place to rest. It’s almost like an echo of the original - a place to be safe in the turning of a page, a vantage point to remember the past and its purpose - to bring hope. The house supports abundance - a place to feel the fullness of life.

Janet  focused on creating a healing space for herself, her children and her pets. She started renting out rooms through Airbnb and found that the energy and simple offerings were appreciated by visitors to the area.

About Janet

Janet first learned of Reiki as a hospice volunteer.  Under the guidance of Amherst’s Sanctuary Healing Arts, she became a Reiki Master Practitioner in 2014; certification in Integrative Touch in 2017 and in Multi Dimensional Reiki in 2019 - to complement Reiki offerings. Along with other healing modalities like yoga, diet, therapy and meditation, Reiki can aid in overcoming challenges, healing from physical or emotional pain or trauma and supports turning a page - looking forward. Janet opened her private practice in 2017,  aRosehip26 for relaxation and healing.

Make an appointment and talk to Janet about physical, spiritual and emotional needs for yourself or your loved one, and witness the benefits of Reiki and Integrative Touch. Children benefit as well for help with sensitivity, anxiety, impulsivity and other stressors. Janet is also available for home visits for hospice care, vigil and end-of-life transition.

In 2018 Janet's healing offerings expanded to include Kundalini yoga, with the receipt of Level One Instructor Certification from the Kundalini Research Institute.  In 2019 she added to her education with Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Kundalini Yoga for stress and anxiety management. Visit the Kundalini page to learn about Kundalini as a healing modality and join Janet Thursday evenings from 6:45- 8:00 pm at Ananda Yoga in Hadley and some Sundays at the White Barn Studio in downtown Amherst. For health, healing and empowerment.

Rosehip26 is a side passion to her full-time career with over 27 years in health care environmental stewardship at a not for profit, called Practice Greenhealth. Email or call Janet for an appointment.